About THE event

The event will focus on the European approach for Excellence and Trust in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is a means, not an end. It has been around for decades but has reached new capacities fuelled by computing power and data availability. This offers immense potential in areas as diverse as health, transport, energy, agriculture, tourism or cyber security. However, certain AI applications if used without care, may sometimes create complexity, risk the disruption of activities and processes or even harm human rights.

The European Commission’s vision on Artificial Intelligence is based on the twin objective of excellence and trust. Such vision applies to both technological and not technological aspects of AI to foster socio-economic and environmental wellbeing while people’s safety and fundamental rights are at the centre of all efforts.

Since 2018, the European Commission and its Member States have joined their forces to foster AI excellence from the lab to the market by accelerating investments, acting on national strategies and aligning AI policies. At the same time, Europe has progressed in its human-centric approach by proposing the world’s first legislative framework with requirements for Trustworthy AI.

On 15 and 16 March, we will leverage the international stage that Expo Dubai offers to present the nuances that the EU approach reflects at a global level. To this end, policymakers, experts, academics, civil society representatives and artists from all around the world will join us in the following series of events:

Venue: Pavilion Italia (Auditorium)

Date and Time: 15th March 2022, 15:30-18:00 GST / 12:30-15:00 CET

Venue: Pavilion Spain (Multipurpose room)

Date and Time: 16th March 2022, 14:00-16:00 GST/11:00-13:00 CET

Venue: Pavilion Spain (Multipurpose room)

Date and Time: 16th March 2022 – 17:00-19:00 GST/14:00-16:00 CET

Venue: EXPO Dubai & Online

Date and Time: 15th-16th March, permanently available online

Venue: Finland Pavilion

Date and Time: 15th March, 11:15-14:30 GST / 8:15-11:30 CET