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Smart Reports:

An AI-based digital health solution to help people understand their health

Digital report delivery and health insights

Developed by Medicus AI, Smart Reports provides personalized and easy-to-understand visual interpretations for diagnostic lab test reports, for both patients and healthcare providers, based on a proprietary medical reasoning engine. On the one hand, it accompanies patients in their understanding of their medical test results and empowers them to make better decisions about their health. On the other hand, it offers an engaging digital solution for healthcare providers to optimize the delivery of health reports, tips and insights.

Health Literacy

Personalized Insights

Efficient Delivery

Health Risk Assessment

Timely and relevant health literacy

Empowering patients to access and own their health data

Through accessible and personalized insights that simulate both the doctor’s and patient’s thinking, users are informed of their health status and are offered actionable tips based on input.

  • Smart PDF reports that are QR-code enabled to automatically download password-protected Smart
  • Direct-to-device delivery of results from the diagnostics lab to the patient.
  • Country-specific guidelines inform biomarker ranges, health risk assessments, and screening


Will an AI ever understand our feelings and emotions?
Uncanny Values

Communicating with AI draws strongly on emotions and perceptions. As an international and universal visual language that is first and foremost about expressing human emotions, emoji are uncannily suited to interact with AI.

By using the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) – unsupervised neural networks that train themselves by analyzing the information from a given dataset to create new image samples – this technology provides new looking emoji as it tries to learn and interpret what they convey, which emotions they originate from and consequently, create new ones.

Even though the implications and risks of the GAN are wide-ranging, confronting it with the reality and language of existing emoji provides a unique, AI-driven form of communication that never existed before variations of AImojis.

This is a project by Process (Martin Grödl and Moritz Resl) from Vienna. The studio designed the identity for the UNCANNY VALUES exhibition: Artificial Intelligence & You at the MAK — Museum of Applied Arts, curated by Paul Feigelfeld and Marlies Wirth as part of the VIENNA BIENNALE FOR CHANGE 2019.

Using input from a wide dataset of frequently used emojis, with the aid of a DCGAN, Process Studio trained a neural network to create their own variations of Aimojis. The result is uncanny: with each AImoji, new and challenging “artificial” emotions come to life.

Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) are algorithms for unsupervised learning, currently used to produce photorealistic pictures of people who never existed or deceptively real sounding, machine-generated texts that can be used for fake news.

Process Studio is a design studio based in Vienna, specializing in generative and interactive design in the fields of branding, web, installation and print. As well as traditional graphic design solutions, Process designs and develops highly specialized software used as tools for and by clients.