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#KrattAI Chatbot

Talk to the State whenever wherever though one chatbot for all

Talk to the State whenever wherever through one chatbot for all

#KrattAI is a solution-driven digital society infrastructure taking the communication between the citizens and the state to an entirely new level. It aims to provide state services to all citizens through a comfortable user experience, accessible to all and at any time of the day. By using AI solutions, the relationship between state authorities and citizens is enhanced and communication is improved.

Always available

Smart & Accessible

Quick responses

Always recommends more

An AI chatbot to improve governmental e-services

An efficient, timely and effortless solution capable of delivering the most relevant services TO all citizens

#KrattAI is always available, smart, and even able to understand slang and dialects. The chatbot also impresses with its answers’ speed and is happy to recommend more information than what is asked. The uniqueness of the solution is that it is based on a distributed model, where each chatbot is developed on its own, but capable of communicating with other similar chatbots in order to deliver the most relevant service to the citizen.

  • Since 2020, at least 41 AI solutions were deployed in the Estonian public sector
  • Forecasting models for road administration, speech recognition for the Estonian Parliament, transcribing emergency calls
  • An AI Trained Expobot is available to explain Estonia’s digital society experience


Is Artificial Intelligence a revolution of the human soul too?
Fully autonomous A.I. and robot

There is something more to Yanu than meets the eye. In addition to a flawless look, an interaction brings to life its true essence. Yanu has a personality, a soul even. Its spirit can be sensed when taking an order. Customers converse with something that is almost supernatural, yet very real. Yanu is the perfect contactless bartender designed to deliver excellence. Especially when serving a drink precisely to a customer’s liking. With its eye-catching design, Yanu aims to address common problems in bars such as high labour cost, theft, inconsistent quality, managing shifts, slow service, inefficiency and social distancing. It is a thrilling concept that draws a bigger audience to venues.

A contactless and fully autonomous A.I. and robot empowered bartending unit with a soul. It serves drinks, handles payments, identifies and communicates with clients. Yanu operates effectively by selling more and faster than human bartenders with precision and low operating costs.

A cloud-based robot that is easy to operate: monitor, clean, refill.
Fast and capable of offering 100 drinks per hour, and 1000+ in one go.
A compact and relocatable device designed to fit into any environment.

Yanu is a state-of-art service robotics company from Estonia. The start-up’s first product is an autonomous bartending robot that changes the game in the busy venues of the world, offering a possibility to participate in the revolution with cutting-edge tech.