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A digital backbone for a smart and sustainable city

An all-inclusive light pole enabling digital transformation
Finland is at the forefront of adopting the principles of a circular economy for a sustainable world. As an example, LuxTurrim Smart Pole provides a demonstration of how the shift to a smart city can happen through an ergonomic and small solution – a light pole – capable of tackling the grand challenges of our times, by absorbing relevant data regarding urbanization and climate change, while boosting sustainable development.

Smart City Services

Smart Infrastructure

Data Marketplace

Circular Economy

A smart light pole for a smart city

As a small digital solution, LuxTurrim Smart Pole ENSURES A great impact on liveability, urbanization and sustainability

Albeit being small and ergonomic, the impact of the LuxTurrim Smart Pole is substantial on a city’s
ecosystem as it gathers a network of smart poles combining fast 5G connectivity, relevant data from a
variety of sensors and a secure data platform to build new data-driven services. As a result, the city’s
digital transformation into a smart city is accelerated.

  • Application on Covid awareness recognition and public safety
  • Application on smart lighting and entertainment
  • Application on weather/air quality monitoring


How do you see the future of connections with Artificial Intelligence?
Connecting the dots
Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) – Aalto University Digi Platform

Artificial intelligence is hard to define. AI is mainstream, AI is glorified. AI holds many promises but also a lot of fuzzy talk and apocalyptic dystopian scenarios. And strangely glowing blue android illustrations if you do an image search. AI has a longer history than one would conclude from all the news headlines. It’s a node in the network of sciences. It’s connecting the dots. We don’t want to mystify AI, we want to open it up, offer new insights and experiences for visitors of all ages.

Connecting the Dots is a science and art exhibition revolving around the world of artificial intelligence.
As AI methods offers a wide spectrum of tools to researchers, designers and artists alike, these tools also help make better business decisions. How are they used and explored in research and arts?

What if you could have a personal, artificially intelligent creative assistant?
What do neural networks do and how do robots learn?
Is artificial intelligence sustainable?
What kind of technological development can we expect from artificial intelligence in the near future – or are we likely to face yet another AI winter?

Marvel at generative art, make music together with a neural network or view yourself from a new angle with the uncanny mirror – the exhibition offers both inspiring experiences and insight for everyone. It showcases AI-related research and arts in an easy way, yet gives you food for thought.

GANBREEDER, the exhibition’s titling font, is based on MNIST, a dataset often used to evaluate how well a machine learning model recognizes handwriting. The exhibition title originates from a machine query.

Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) real AI for Real People in the Real World. Artificial intelligence doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We promote AI that benefits society and industry and helps solve real-life problems for real people.