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Forest of Intelligence
Immersion and interactivity through AR, shows the impact of human activity on nature
Enable visitors to visualize the human-nature relationship
Thanks to augmented reality, the Forest of intelligence is a human-sensitive environment that invites the visitors to a completely immersive and interactive experience. As a metaphorical space made up of technological trees with a special material that absorbs CO2, it illustrates the numerous ways in which Spain contributes to the protection and sustainable use of natural resources. The forest is divided into three thematic areas: preserving biodiversity, balanced use of resources and collective intelligence. The idea is that visitors perceive the impact of their decisions on the environment, in particular thanks to “the Tree of Balance”, an audiovisual installation that instantly reacts to their attitude towards it, as a thermometer of collective intelligence.
Sustainable Development
Biodiversity Conservation
Collective Intelligence
Interspecific links

Protection and sustainable use of natural resources

Bringing awareness to the impact of human habits on the natural world

Through the interactive AR tools, visitors can grasp the sometimes abstract relationship humanity nurtures with the rest of life. While showcasing numerous Spanish green innovations, the country reiterate its commitment to sustainability. By way of wonder and delight, the visitor is educated on pressing matters as the forest triggers the reflection on the need of adopting sustainable habits to guarantee the needs of future generations.

  • Spain is a pioneer in connectivity with the extensive development of 3, 4 and 5G that optimize urban plans sustainably.
  • Many innovative Spanish projects and relevant start-ups are emerging and providing sustainable development solutions.
  • Zeleros’ hyperloop vehicle is the world’s fastest land transport system for electric and automated intercity


How does intelligent creativity transform our perception of the world?
Daniel Canogar

Dynamo wants to inspire the public to think of alternative energy sources, which we may not yet know what they are but we have to invent together, with the use of technology, and in this case through art, and also in the public space.” Daniel Canogar

Dynamo is a meditation on the circulatory nature of energy and the synchronization of biological and technological systems. It is also an invitation for us to imagine and participate in the dynamos that will energize our future.

Mimicking the workings of an electromagnetic dynamo, the artwork collects enough energy to generate a thundering visual and acoustic experience. This moment captures the intense roar of so many machines of the past echoing through our modern history, technologies that we behold with a mixture of fear and fascination. The ecstatic discharge is followed by a calmer phase evocative of the circulatory systems of living entities. This quieter mode gives way to a new cycle of gradual buildup, in a repeating process of “collect and release” that is so much part of both the biological and technological energy system.

The artwork is composed of sculptural screens forming three interlaced loops. Surrounding them is a spiralling ramp that descends and allows the public to enjoy the artwork from multiple vantage points. It also interacts with the screens via an interactive system built into the ramp’s handrail.

Sensors located on the ramp railing detects the hands of each of the visitors present at that time. With this information, the algorithm of the work produces a unique and unrepeatable audiovisual pattern on each occasion.

Daniel Canogar creates works out of discarded pieces of moribund and current technological hardware. His installations offer commentaries about the speed and regularity of obsolescence in the world of consumer technology.