Stefano Stramigioli

Stefano Stramigioli is currently full professor in Advanced Robotics. He is an IEEE Fellow, an ERC
AdG and ERC PoC laureate and member of the Royal Holland Society of Science and Humanities
(KHMW). He is currently serving as the Vice President for Research of euRobotics and Vice President
of Robotics Research of Adra (AI data and robotics association), the private part of the PPP
cooperation with the European Commission known as AI PPP, and Vice President for Members
activities of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. He is the coordinator of the Digital
Innovation Hub on Robotics for Healthcare (www.dih-hero.eu). Among a number of awards, he
received the 2009 IEEE-RAS distinguish service award.
He is currently leading a growing group of about 60 people (https://www.ram.eemcs.utwente.nl/).
He has been Editor in chief of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, which he brought from
the seventh to the first place in the ranking of the Impact Factor among all journals on Robotics. He
has furthermore been Editor in Chief of the IEEE ITSC Newsletter and guest editor for others. He is
member of the Editorial Board of the Springer Journal of Intelligent Service Robotics.
He has been an AdCom member of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, he has been the
founder and chair of the Electronic Products and Services of the IEEE Robotics and Automation
Society and he has been serving as Vice President for Membership of the same society for two
consecutive terms also in the past. He is involved in different projects related to Control and
Robotics for medical & inspection applications.
Nationally has been the founder and chair of RoboNED and he is one of the initiator of the LEO
robotics center, the first robotic center in the Netherlands. He has around 350 publications including 4 books.